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Download Here


Download Projectile

Install the .zip file as an addon

Note that Projectile is compatible with Blender v3.0+

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Watch the overview video:

Projectile features:

  • Trajectory Tracing: Projectile draws trajectories for each object so you can get an idea of how the object will interact with the scene.
  • Hassle-Free Physics: Projectile handles all the keyframing so all you have to do is set a speed and click a button! Much faster and more accurate than doing this manually.
  • Object Settings: Each emitter has its own settings tied to it, so don't worry about making a mistake because you can always go back and change something!
  • Real-World Units: Projectile will use the same units that are used in the .blend file, so you can use m/s or ft/s so you can truly know how fast your objects will be moving.


Projectile is located in the Physics tab of the sidebar

  • Click Add Emitter to set an object as a Projectile object. The execute operator will be applied and an empty (emitter) will be created at the same location as the object.
  • Click Remove Emitter with an active emitter to remove all instances.
  • Set the Velocity and Angular Velocity.
  • Number is to set the number of instances. (Default is 1)
  • Lifetime is to set the lifetime of the instances. 0 means the instances will not be destroyed.
  • Then click Execute, then you can play the animation and see the results.

Projectile Settings

  • Toggle between Spherical or Cartesian coordinates for velocity.
  • Choose a Solver Quality to increase the physics solver quality.
  • Draw Trajectories Has options to draw all, selected, or no trajectories in the 3D View

Blender 2.7x

Projectile can be downloaded here for Blender 2.7x

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